Girls rule!

This International Women’s Day, I podcasted some of my thoughts about feminism, being a woman, and acknowledging the men in my life. Being a woman today has become this super interesting, complicated THING; women everywhere are finally learning to love their sexuality, appreciate their bodies, embrace the importance of identifiers like the hijab, push boundaries to their breaking point, and yet progress involving things like the Gender Pay Gap has slowed to a near halt in the past few years (according to a study done by the World Economic Report, the average global annual salary for women only just reached what men were earning TEN YEARS AGO). This is strange, but if there’s anything important to understand about International Women’s Day is that it’s there to continue to encourage progress when we become complacent.

The following podcast is mostly just a collection of my thoughts and experiences as a woman and a person during a time when feminism evades a concrete definition. I call out second wave feminism a lot, but I want to make it clear that without second wave feminism and the women who initiated it, we would be nowhere near where we are today.

Give it a listen and then go celebrate the women in your life!