This Month’s Playlist Is All About LADIES.

20160201_091257-1 (2)Eleven tracks, eleven different genres, and eleven (well, twelve, if we’re counting Tegan and Sara) different women showing that we’re all beautiful snowflakes who can and will talk our game in our own unique voices.

In this Playlist:

BANKS calls out an emotionally abusive guy in her effortless, underwater style with “Goddess”.

Amber Bain of The Japanese House moves through beats like syrup, her androgynous harmonies so well crafted that she sounds like five different people in one.

Nina Nesbitt takes a break from her adorable acoustic agenda and turns into a gray-haired, sexually-liberated and independent vixen who literally doesn’t care at all anymore.

Alabama Shakes‘s Brittany Howard squeals her way into the playlist to set boundaries and demand emotional peace.

Willow Smith erases her past as a Top 40 girl and opens her future as literally the coolest human on this planet.

Grace Potter, a personal favorite, rocks us all the way back to 2007 with “Stop the Bus” to celebrate the moment with a partner in crime ft. the electric guitar.

Sjowgren reminds us how it feels to be young and in love and unafraid of unselfish commitment.

Then comes a complete U-turn as Selena Gomez enters in a spray of horns and bending guitars and makes us strut our single stuff with pride.

LP, the master of ukulele and vibrato inspires adventure with her crazy, crazy range.

Tegan and Sara‘s “Where Does the Good Go” hearkens back to mid-2000’s alt-rock and Grey’s Anatomy.

And last but (need I say it?) not least, Sarah Jaffe asks, “What’s in a name?” and explores what it feels like to grow up and change.