I was recently confronted by a certain muscle-y football player in the lunch line with whom I’ve had about negative 2 conversations. He came up to me, totally macho, and was like, “I just voted for you for best hair and best laugh on our senior superlatives, and then I was like ‘Oh wow, she’s gonna think I have a crush on her!’ But anyway, I just wanted to tell you.” (Laughs).

I couldn’t help but laugh as he walked away; it was so random. It was also blog-post-inspiring.

The best laugh nomination surprised me a little; not the fact that I was nominated, but the fact that I was nominated by him. It struck me as funny to know that my laugh literally echoed around the school enough for it to reach him. My laugh is loud and uninhibited; regardless of it being obnoxious, it is one of the few things I truly admire about myself because it can’t be shaped by society or turned down a few notches by the status quo. Laughter, above all, is the one thing that unequivocally represents you. And, if you push life to carry you toward things that make you happy, your joy and your laugh can begin to rub off on people…or at least catch some attention.

I found some online facts about laughter that I would like to share:

Why the heck don’t we laugh more?! Knowing all of this information, the other fact I learned from the World Wide Web – children laugh hundreds of times a day, while adults laugh only an average of 15 – disturbed me.

I started this blog as an attempt to show that life is more than just a thing to survive. It might be a battle sometimes, but it is worth it to come out on the other side and yell, “I’m still breathing, I’m still here!” I think the only way to get to where you want to go is by celebrating life through laughter and travel and adventure and joy. Your influence can touch others and inspire them –  allowing oneself to be completely and totally unburdened enough to have a full belly laugh here and there might spark another person to laugh, and the contagion can spread.

So, like Swine ’09 or the “epidemic” in Tanzania, spread the laughter. Catch the bug. Don’t even cover your mouth when it opens to laugh; this contagion is the next cure, a surefire way to reach out and come together. Smile, and be happy!