Miami University alumna with a double degree in Creative Writing and Journalism. Also: Writer. Photographer. Traveler. Radio junkie.

I am inspired by human stories and by the kinds of people I surround myself with. I am fueled by music made by local and indie bands. I am energized by honest storytelling and intrigued by the side of humanity that only comes out in poorly-lit rooms. I am excited by feminism and strong voices.


Welcome to the brainchild of my adolescent boredom.

I started StillBreathing.net in 2012, in the middle of my junior year of high school, because I was tired of reading magazines. You know, like, “Slate Gray: The New Nail Color of Fall!” and “Why Isn’t He Texting You Back? 10 Things You Probably Did Wrong” and Various Other Articles Aimed At Young and Impressionable High Schoolers Related To Stuff That Doesn’t Matter In The Long Run. This blog was born because I wanted a place to write on whatever I wanted, stuff that I feel matters, mostly because I’m narcissistic. But who cares? You’re in my world now!!!!

What you wont find on this blog might include posts about fashion, Kim and Kanye, or how to cook quiche. All that stuff is great, but I like to wear sweatpants, I seriously can’t Keep Up with the Kardashians, and just this morning I ruined a bowl of cereal by putting too much milk in it.

What you will find on this blog might include essays on the perception of beauty, reflections on college and high school, stuff about the struggles of growing up and making our own path, words on loss and tragedy, and definitely something about music here and there.

So hey, feel free to explore. Thanks for stopping by.